The effortlessness in our day-to-day life is almost happening by the software and application behind the appliances we are using in this rapidly changing and volatile world where technology is the major asset for all.

Such ease of life can only be possible by the crucial and ultra cutting edge possible technologies where complex software is implemented for the functioning of any device machine and business management.

It has become a universal truth that every convenient tool or machine that is automated is the ultimate result of complex software behind all. Hence technology becomes the necessity of any business that is dealing with high-end machines to small home appliances we use for making our life easier.

But have you ever think it once that; how such enormous machines and software working behind it designed and functioning to keep all the things in mind for the very specific tool or any business software such as CRM and ERP.

Here we are trying to make you understand the complexity and the steps behind this software product development; how well we should plan and how to implement our strategies in the development of product development. In epigrammatic it’s SDLC which stands for Software Development Life Cycle and it’s the most crucial stage where a product can be designed and its success depends on that.

How to Identify That Your Product needs SDLC

  • If you have less efficiency and downgrading economy
  • Supply-chain management issue and bottlenecks
  • When you have a growing business
  • Increase in user base also increase the complexity
  • If you have multiple branches over cities
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5 Critical Stages Of Software Product Development:-

1. Product Discovery

The initial step of any Software Product Development is the idea and planning to make a rough sketch of the ideology of the product that is going to be built in the forthcoming days.

What are the requirements and why does that particular specific thing is having to be there implicitly? 

Any product can be made with the perfect planning and the resources it needs to be perfectly functioning software. So to discover all the needs and requirements that meet the end-user is the first and necessary part of the development life cycle.

2. Product Definition

In this stage, the team of professionals, managers, and developers create the complete ample assessment of the technology they are going to use behind.

An expert team of experienced developers assesses all the crucial and important aspects of the end product what kind of bottlenecks it could have and how to solve them.

This phase is the basic comprehension of the overall product and how it has to be differentiated from the available product in the market. This discussion and documentation blueprint of the product leads them to find the ultimate success of the software product and technologies related to it.

software Product Development, Software product, software development life cycle,

3. Product Development

Now the stage comes where planning needs to be implemented in practical terms. Yes, this is the development stage which is the most time consuming as it needs multiple teams with multiple modules and tasks which need to be completed with the help of documentation, and those too in chunks later on all the chunks will be assembled to form one final working software product that meets the user requirement and completing the task whichever we assigned it to.

This process is going to take months to years depending on the product requirement and needs also the budget is a major concern behind the development. The maximum budget you have for the software you need; the best the final product will be as it needs various tools and resources to become that great.

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4. Product Testing

Once the product is ready to perform some actions in the real world, then it’s ready to do testing and check the quality of the product. There is a team of professionals and experts QA’s (Quality assurance engineers) to check whether the software meets all the requirements for which it was built.

It involves multiple phases of testing which include functional testing, performance testing, unit testing, security testing, black box testing, and usability testing.

This is the phase where any bug that occurred can be solved at that particular time so that it won’t appear after delivery of the product once it’s completed there it needs to be managed by the developer’s team.

Testing is done multiple times after every new update because sometimes it may be seen that new update codes can cause new errors and destroy the performance of the software.

5. Product Deployment

Once the testing and quality assurance has finally bundled up it’s the time of the last stage of the software product development life cycle and it is the deployment of the product to the market for public use.

This step also includes feedback and testing as; the end-user is the king to make it a great success overnight or downgrade it.

These ready software products are used by multiple users on multiple different machines and if any problem or error occurred it will again back to the team for correction but it is the worst-case scenario and happens quite less.

These are the five major stages of the development of any software product throughout the world and followed by every single software development company whether it is any unicorn-like IBM or it is a small-scale development company.

The SDLC model is the same everywhere and it’s the basic requirement for every engineer to be aware of its stages.

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