An idea implemented with technology can create wonders and help out numerous people around the globe. That’s what helps a great business become great just because it adapts to the latest technology and trend with few changes.

So why don’t we use this new technology everywhere, when it can help whatever we want to build like custom solutions and software, websites and apps.

Websites and apps are making everyday tasks easy and modern methods develop custom solutions for various and specific needs. However, it is helpful in ways we can’t even imagine, including healthcare too.

India has truly justified the mother of inventions slogan thing. In 2008 two youngsters came up with a solution in the healthcare industry by making an app that helps in consultation with a doctor without being visited.

As a businessman, if you are willing to help out people and earn some good money including reputation, you should opt to get an app like “Practo” which can serve you and people mutually.

We all know that people are often and habitual of using smartphones for every little query and Google is good for knowledge but not for the exact solution you are looking for. That is where the app came into existence and sort of the typical issues and queries by experts and on fingertips.

Why We Need To:-

Even smartphone users are also going to get used to mobile products to track their medicine regime and physical activity. Although it can also deal with the complex and sensitive data of croakers and cases and can profit its druggies by erecting an online healthcare app.

Such healthcare apps will not only help patients to maintain their health but also assist medical practitioners in delivering care more efficiently and widely.

Engineer Master Solutions is the most popular Mobile Application Development Company. They focused on mobile phones which give a solid base to the idea of m-Health.

Their solutions give brilliant performance when it comes to providing an exceptional experience to both the patients and doctors. Their creative approach in medical mobile application solutions empowers them to grow highly efficient and robust mobile applications that will undoubtedly fulfill particular requirements of healthcare organizations and medical uses.

What Does It Take:-

An app that covers all the aspects of the medical field regarding consultation with a doctor, to diagnose and fix an appointment till you get the complete prescription with medicine.

Such an app takes a lot of hard work with proper and specific technology implemented behind its development. Usually how much money you are willing to put in and what kind of features you want in your app decides the future of the app and how it’s gonna be profitable for your healthcare business.

An app like Practo with little variations can make any healthcare business more profitable and useful for the public and patients who would be willing to use such an app.

Covid-19 proved to us very clearly that sometimes things get drastically changed which no one can control over it. So in these kinds of future situations, we must be ready to change the scenario of the medical industry by launching many apps like medical healthcare for the betterment of society.

Just think about how convenient it would be if we get all the prescriptions and medicine without moving a step outside on video and audio call only.

Not only that but the choice is ours always to choose the most experienced doctor and diagnostic center with 5+ star ratings according to patients who got cured before.

Common Features an Amazing Healthcare App Should Have:

1.   Quick Registration OR Sign-Up on One Touch

Every human being is so busy nowadays no one has time to go crucial steps to register over any app or website, so your healthcare app should provide user to register with automatically Google accounts or social media account. It does two things: people feel hassle-free user experience and its time saving for them which is the first basic feature of an app.

2.   Giving Users a Choice to Book an Appointment Specifically with Doctors and Centers

When a patient gets the choice to select the doctor of their own choice they feel completely satisfied, as psychology says “It’s great when things happen according to how you wish” it’s like a win-win situation for both the healthcare specialist and patients. They got prescriptions from the choice of their specialist doctor.

3.   Chat with Experts & Physicians via Texts in Real-Time

Often it can be seen patients get some medicines that primarily cause them nausea and fever for which they need to consult in such situations. The chat features in the app support a lot for both parties as practitioners and patients cause its time saving and better to resolve minimal issues like that.

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 4.   Availability Of Doctors and Appointment Flexibility

An app should provide the facility to the user to book an appointment time as per their convenience, on top of that if it also facilitates the user to choose and see the available expert’s basis on ratings and years of experience. When the user gets all such things which simplify all the issues they would surely recommend it to others.

5.   Medicine Delivery with Discount at Your Door

When these many facility apps are provided then it becomes mandatory it allows order medicines and gets at doorsteps. Sometimes discounts attract more users to the platform where they find every detail about it in a few actions.

On the Other Hand at the Business End:

1. Customizable Dashboard

If we talk about at the admin end to manage all such crucial things and no step and miss-happenings can’t be taken lightly.

To maintain the records of patients, their doctors, and what kind of symptoms they filled to get treated or consulted by which doctor isn’t that easy.

Depending on that, at the admin end, they must have a customizable dashboard that can contain all the data about every patient and user.

  2. Clinic Management Feature

At the doctor’s end, the app should also have features to manage time and appointments and how many appointments are there to be scheduled in one day.

This can be managed by doctors and it helps them to generate revenue for the business end. It facilitates experts and centers to maintain feasibility to diagnose every user carefully.

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  3. Medicine Warehouse and Sales Record

Healthcare apps are not as simple as e-commerce store apps; they need lots of things to manage in the inventory of that medicine regime, availability of medicine and all the details of specific medicine related to the disease should be managed and described by them.

As far as payment is concerned there is a separate clog to maintain all the payments received by the sales of medicine only.

Also, it is mandatory to keep records and track of medicines until it reaches the user’s doorsteps. After that, the whole process is almost finished until and unless in incase of wrong prescription and cancellation of orders.

4. Payment Gateways

Last but not least, control over the flow of money from both ends (Clinical centers and patients) helped in generating more revenue in the form of commission on every appointment. For such things, a payment gateway is necessary to implement an app and it should be secure on both ends so that no one can breach it.

5. Security of User’s and Doctor’s Data

Data of users and doctors are the most important thing to be secure on such apps and platforms, it contains all the necessary details from their address of living to the bank details filled in payment gateways which can cost anyone in enormous ways.

Data security is on top in the case of healthcare apps; our developers have to work with end-to-end encryption and send the data and details over secure communication channels only.

While wrapping up all the things In terms of cost it usually depends on all the features you want to include in it. To manage the data and details you need cloud storage to store data you also need relational databases, and implementing payment gateways such as Paypal and UPI’s and to secure it in every way needs lots of hours and cost directly proportional to the working hour’s developers and team put in.

The average cost of such apps in Indian rupees may vary on the platform dependencies IOS and Androids, generally, iOS apps are more costly than androids, and also it depends on geo-location where the company is located in which area.

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