A Dedicated development team is the answer to building a strong technical core team and making your business thrive in today’s competitive environment.

If you want your business to thrive in today’s competitive environment, it’s critical that you build a strong core team with the right mix of technical prowess and business acumen. 

By building a dedicated development team that can handle all of the work within your organization and bring new ideas to life every day, you can find success during what may be a challenging time for IT departments across the country.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, you need to keep up with the high demand for new ideas and solutions. But the problem is that many teams are not equipped to handle all of this development work on their own.

“If you want your business to thrive in today’s competitive environment, it’s critical that you build a strong core team with the right mix of technical prowess and business acumen”

Harvard Business Review

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

Dedicated development teams are groups of developers who work exclusively on a particular project. They are not interrupted by other projects or tasks, and they don’t have to do any other work besides their primary task.

The idea behind a dedicated development team is that it ensures developers can focus on their work and not get distracted by other tasks or projects. Consequently, they can work more productively and make better decisions.

One benefit of having an all-dev team is that you can be certain that your software will be developed according to a schedule and meet its milestones. A good example of this is when an application was released on time because it had been completely developed by just one person over several months—and then tested again before being released!

The Dedicated Development Team Consists of These Personnel


The developers are the people who actually write code and build your product. They have a better understanding of how things work, so they can be trusted with pretty much anything related to programming. They are experts in front-end & Backend technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, Php, Java, etc.

Project Managers (PMs)

Project Managers keep track of what’s happening on different projects, as well as communicate with clients to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and where things stand at any given time. They also help set goals for teams’ work, which helps them stay focused on their tasks instead of getting distracted by other stuff going on around them–or worse yet, ending up with no direction at all!

Business Analysts (BAs)

Business Analysts are responsible for making sure that all business requirements are understood by everyone involved before coding begins; they act as project managers’ partners in ensuring that everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to do before getting started on anything new.

QA Engineers

Quality Engineers have experience working in areas such as security or privacy testing; performance testing; usability testing; etc., which is what makes them qualified for this kind of work — it’s not just about writing code anymore!

UI/UX Designers 

UI/UX designers who is responsible for designing user interface elements and interactions, as well as providing guidance on aesthetic design requirements.

How to Build a Dedicated Development Team?

To build a dedicated development team, you need to have a clear vision of what you want the team to achieve. You also need to know what skillsets and personalities you need in order to succeed at your goals.

For example, if you want to create a website for your business, it’s important to hire someone who has experience in web development. If you need an app that can run on multiple platforms, then a web developer isn’t going to help you much! You also need to consider how many people will be needed and what their roles will be. This can vary from business to business but is generally based on the type of product being developed.

You should also be realistic about how many people will be needed on this project, as well as who they are going to be. If there are no plans for additional help beyond the initial staff members hired, then it’s unlikely that anyone will stay long enough for this project’s completion date—and more importantly: If nobody stays long enough for someone else’s workload becomes too heavy then chances are good that other projects will suffer too.

After you have a team of people that you’ve hired to help with your project, it’s important for them to be able to communicate effectively. This means that everyone should be on the same page when it comes to the requirements of their job, what they’re responsible for doing, and how long it’ll take them.


The bottom line is that if you want to build a truly great product, you have to invest time and resources in hiring people who are dedicated to making that happen. You need to know what skillset you’re looking for in your developers, and you’ll be better off if you commit to building and maintaining a dedicated team rather than doing in-house work every day. 

However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you have to hire people in a specific order. If you need someone with expertise in a certain area, it’s okay to bring them on board before you’ve found their counterpart. Just be sure to keep your team updated about what skill sets you’re looking for so that they can help identify potential hires or recommend new candidates when needed.

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